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By Bill Peck, House Supervisor and Case Manager

When Richard entered the Mission, his sense of determination was palpable. He immediately expressed how thankful he was for the opportunity that Cornerstone provided, but stressed that he wanted to move on and become self-sufficient as soon as possible.

Richard said he had no resources or any idea how he would move forward. He was just determined that he WOULD move forward.

Within a short time Richard secured a job at a factory several miles away from the Mission. He had no way to get there other than his own two feet. So day after day he walked. With the money he made at the factory, he bought a used bicycle; this made his commute a bit easier. One evening, when he was preparing to go to work the sky unleashed a torrent of rain, but Richard was not deterred… he hopped on his bike and arrived to work on time and soaking wet.

A few weeks later Richard found a motorized scooter for sale. It wasn’t much, but he said his idea was to make his life easier a little bit at a time. Purchasing the scooter was a major improvement for him; it left him more time to concentrate on other things he needed to accomplish. Richard experienced problems with the scooter and he approached the seller. The seller so impressed with Richard’s attitude and friendly manner that he offered him a job refurbishing a house he owned in exchange for free rent. Within a short time of entering the Mission; Richard was employed, had motorized transportation and a roof over his head.

Richard is finishing up the refurbishing job, still working full time and still riding his scooter. He plans to buy a car soon. His life is moving forward.

Forward motion… it’s what Cornerstone Mission is all about. Richard exemplifies this idea and is an example of how determination, hard work, faith and perseverance can change a life for the better.

By Bill Peck, House Supervisor and Case Manager

Cataracts. An easy thing to deal with for some, but for others it's a life altering problem that may never get resolved. For the last three years cataracts have left Joseph legally blind in one eye and his other eye isn't far behind.

Joseph became a Mission resident a few months ago, and a few days later we hit the Internet, Googled for hours, contacted several doctors, civic organizations and government agencies. Within a week we found a way for Joseph to regain his sight.

In a few days his right eye will be operated on and a month later the other eye. The doctor told him that there is a 10 percent chance that the surgeries won’t work, but Joseph is more than willing to take that risk; he said “thanks to the Mission helping me I have a chance to see again. That’s a miracle.”