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Al and Bonnie Burnham: Front Desk Volunteers 

When friends would ask us what we intended to do after we retired, we would answer, "we're going to do exactly what we do now, ask God to lead us every day to do His will."  His will at this time is to serve others at Cornerstone Mission, so here we are and what a blessing it has been.  All the volunteers we've met are spirit filled, delightful people and it is an honor to know them.  A further inspiration was Linda Chevalier, who our shirts were designed for.  We are honoring her memory by carrying on her dedication to helping others.

Bill and Marilyn Beaman: Front Desk Volunteers 

The front desk is the first impression for people who enter our doors for assistance.  We have been blessed with a very sweet couple, Bill and Marilyn Beaman, they bring so much joy to all of us who work here at Cornerstone, and to the people who come in.  

When asked why they enjoy volunteering at Cornerstone Mission, their reply was, "We really enjoy having the privilege of being at Cornerstone.  We enjoy helping out people that are in need.  We have been there and know first-hand what it feels like.  Seeing a friendly face and receiving a helping hand means so much to a person that has a difficult time.  Besides, we firmly believe that God wants us to help our brother or sister in any way we are able to."

Gary Suiter: Snow Bird Volunteer

Gary Suiter is our Snow Bird volunteer! He works the front desk, clothing closet and does building maintenance and house repairs for both of our shelters. We wish we could have him all year round he is such a great help to us.

Gary spends his Tuesdays with us going above and beyond whatever we ask him to do. He ministers to each person who comes in, if he see's something that needs to be taken care of he does it. Because of his background he has been able to help us streamline many areas in our outreach services that needed help.

Gary says that he likes to volunteer with us because he enjoys watching the successes, no matter how big or small they may be, of the people who come in for services or stay with us. Gary is a great role model for those we serve and we are blessed to have him on our team.

Jerry Hammond: Donation Master

Jerry Hammond picks up donations from different businesses in town on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. The donations are used for the residents, walk-in's, operation of the shelters, and some are items for our yard sales.

We truly appreciate Jerry's time and commitment to this very important task. Jerry also takes some of the donations that are broken or do not operate properly and he fixes them so they can be used. He also helps us out wherever we need him. He is a gift to us.

I have been a volunteer at Cornerstone Mission for about two years. I am truly blessed to be a part of Cornerstone. you can see and feel the love and concern they have for the residents and for those who come in off the street for help.

All of the staff and volunteers have smiles that warm your heart. Even though they are lighthearted, they are very serious about their jobs. The residents at Cornerstone are no different from you and I. Most of them have the same desires - a job, a place of their own. At Cornerstone they receive the help they need to achieve these desires but most of all, they receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That way when they leave Cornerstone they have hope.

(Matthew 25:35) Jesus said, "if you did it to the least of these, you did it unto Me." This is Cornerstone.

- Jerry Hammond

Leana Asplin: Soup Kitchen Hero 

I have done volunteer work since I was a little girl, my dad believed that giving of yourself and giving to others was God's plan. I have volunteered from small community groups to large corporations. After 17 years of volunteering with the March of Dimes, I felt lost in the corporate world and was not seeing the benefit of my time and money raised to our community any longer.

I made the choice to give my volunteer time locally to the Cornerstone Mission in January 2014 and have never regretted a moment of that decision. I serve meals in the kitchen one day a month and hope to be able to add more time as time permits. I feel blessed and honored to be a part of this organization.

- Leana Asplin

A Day at Cornerstone

By Cindy Levesque, Volunteer Bookkeeper and Board Member

I would like to give you a small glimpse into a day at Cornerstone Mission, seen through the eyes of me…the volunteer bookkeeper every Friday.

It’s 5:45 AM and I leave my house to get to Cornerstone by 6:00 AM. On my way I pray that God will help me to help the Mission and all that serve there. It’s wonderfully quiet from 6-8 AM and the best time for me to get a jump on all that I need to do.

Every other Friday I write the paychecks knowing that the staff is underpaid, but at the same time, knowing that they do their jobs because it fills their hearts with joy to do God’s work. While I quietly work in a small spot that was created for me, I hear a resident outside the door collecting the trash and mopping down the floors. The residents are stirring, but on the other side of the building. One of the residents does the laundry (towels and sheets…in two small, used washers and dryers) for the shelter from 3:00 AM till it all gets done. The men that work or are seeking work, are taking showers and preparing for the day.

I hear Dave, the Night Shift Shelter Manager talking to the residents after a long night and when I open my door to use the copier I see a line of men waiting to get their medications. Next I hear Bill, the Daytime House Superviosr as he gets ready for a 12 hour shift with the public and the residents. I hear a loud roar of a vehicle and it warms my heart because I know that Melanie, the Administrative Assistant, will be coming in the door any minute. Her smile and enthusiasm make me feel good and she lets me know of the highlights from the week. We giggle and then get back to the business at hand. The Case Manager Bud comes in and sticks his head in the doorway and says hello and starts meeting with the residents, one by one, to make sure they get help and direction with their needs. Diana, the volunteer Kitchen Supervisor starts right in on scheduling the volunteers to cook the meals, figures out what the meals will be and orders the food. Lisa, the Executive Director comes, always cheery, but you can see that she has the weight of the Mission and Diana's Faith House on her mind. She goes to her office to start on policies and procedures, fundraising, issues from both shelters…the list is endless.

It’s Friday and Jerry, a volunteer makes several trips to Walmart to pick up all the wonderful donations that they give to the shelters 3 days a week. Caryl and Ginny come in and start working on the clothing closet…sorting out all the items that come in and organizing them in cramped space.

I keep working and there is now noise everywhere. Up front in the lobby it’s 9:00 AM and the resident working the front desk hands out towels and hygiene products to the public for showers; he calls back to Melanie to arrange for someone or a family to receive fresh, clean clothing; hands out food boxes and receives donations from the public. Now it’s 10:00 and volunteers come in to start on the meal for the night. The residents and the public come from 4-6:00 PM for a wonderful meal and “all are welcome here!”

I get ready to leave at 5:00 knowing that the one day that I am here is not enough, but I also know that it’s a tremendous help to Lisa and Melanie and I leave for home with a wonderful feeling of joy!