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Payments made are secured by PayPal

You will be redirected to PayPal's Secure Server when you donate to Cornerstone!

One Time or Monthly Donation

Donations are secured by PayPal

Take the $5.00 Challenge!

Donations are secured by PayPal

Any Amount is a Blessing!

One Time Donations

Any amount of money that you are comfortable giving to our organization is a blessing for us!

​Monthly Donations

You can help us to have a steady revenue stream coming in each month by selecting an amount that you would feel comfortable donating on a monthly basis. 

Earmarked Donations

If you are donating for a specific reason: Honorarium, Memorial, Fundraiser or other specific need, please call or email us so we know to earmark your donation receipt.

Other Ways to Help!

Discover other ways you can help Cornerstone Mission.

We have a campaign going to reach the goal of 1,000 people giving $5.00 per month to Cornerstone Mission.


An easy way to do that is to use your online banking to automatically give the five dollars out of your checking account each month.


Or, just write a $60.00 check annually to Cornerstone Mission and specify the $5 challenge in the memo portion of the check.


Every five dollar donation makes a difference; and, $5 x 1,000 makes a huge difference!

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