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Women's Shelter Success Stories

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Former Resident now a Semi-Truck Driver!

Diana’s Faith House, by Laurie T.

When I first came to Cornerstone I was displaced. I had left the area the year prior to become sober. When I returned to Kingman, I got a job and was just trying to get back on my feet. I didn't stay at Cornerstone very long the first time. When I left, I returned to an unhealthy environment and then eventually went to a sober living house. It was a great start to get back on track for my sobriety but l I was unable to move forward. I was feeling good about myself and wanted to be more.

I wanted to follow my dream to enroll with CDL school with AZ@WORK and become a truck driver. I went back to Cornerstone Mission asking for another chance to move forward with my life. During my time in shelter I felt the program was very easy to follow and my case manager was available to troubleshoot any obstacles I was struggling with.

The most difficult part of my experience was seeing others not try to move forward for themselves. There are so many resources available and guidance to become successful. When I entered the program I had nothing, not even food stamps.

When I left shelter I had accomplished so many wonderful things. I was linked in to all the resources I needed and had great support. I worked hard everyday, some days were 12 hour days but I was happy to do it, proud of myself. I successfully made it through the CDL schooling and had a great shelter experience. I am now living my dream! I drive a semi truck for a great company and make great money. Most importantly on this journey I found my way to God and He has been with me every step of the way.

Cornerstone Partners Provide Assistance!

Diana’s Faith House,

by Kaysie Medrano, Case Manager

When building your future or working through life there is always more than one piece to the process, it is like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together. At Cornerstone Mission we are just one piece. We proudly work with other agencies and organizations in our community to complete the puzzle in order for a client to reach the goal of housing.

We recently were able to work with a couple of young clients, one age 18 and one age 20. They each came to Cornerstone Mission for shelter and assistance. During the process of taking them from homeless to housed, we linked them in to Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP). Arizona Youth Partnership serves youth, ages 12 to 18 and also operates a transitional living/housing program for ages 18 to 20. It was the best fit for these clients and they both were able to gain housing through AZYP.

We are fortunate to be in Mohave County where we are able to utilize other organizations’ programs to provide clients with the resources they need to be successful. We are grateful for the puzzle pieces our community offers to help navigate and support success, or a completed puzzle for the folks we serve.succeed.

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